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Starting at 25¢ per guest

Is your water park giving guests the personalized and convenient experience they expect?

You might already have a feeling that a digital transformation is coming to the water park industry. But honestly, you are too busy with staffing, maintenance, events, and sales (especially in the last 18 months) to be worried about a concept that’s been lurking.

Next thing you know, your nearest competitor seems to be pulling ahead with better ratings, more social engagement, and a higher gate, and you don’t know how you fell behind.

What if we said that Vantage will elevate the digital and physical guest experience at your park as well as optimize your operations and marketing?

Think about it:

Consumers today take customization in different aspects of their lives for granted, especially on their smartphones, and social distancing during the pandemic has accelerated the trend. Everyone has their own profiles and settings and receive targeted recommendations for online shopping, music and video streaming, games, news, workouts, banking, events, dining, and more.

It’s not just the personalization, it’s also the convenience of it all.

Is there any reason why they wouldn’t expect the same level of digitization from your park?

Let’s go back to 25¢ per guest… what’s that all about?

Starting at 25¢ per guest for Vantage Essentials, you can allow your guests to

  • Set up their own profile in your park app*
  • Earn loyalty points for actions and purchases
  • Receive notifications for personalized offers and promotions
  • Collect badges
  • Use park kiosks* with their profile settings
  • Get speed keys for front of the line access
  • Look up wait times and park info on their phones

With Vantage Pro add-ons, your guests can have a true seamless experience, all on one platform, enabled by systems integration and multi-frequency reusable wristbands. This includes

  • Buying food, beverages, and merchandise
  • Booking experiences
  • Gaining access to certain areas
  • Finding their children and friends inside the park
  • Customizing the music and light effects they would like to have in certain attractions
  • Queuing virtually
  • Taking and receiving branded photos and videos in one app
  • Make purchases
When you are ready to explore more functionalities, choose Vantage Pro add-ons.

Insight from Vantage will help you thrive: save time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

With Vantage, you will be able to operate in a nimble way as you receive insightful data, metrics, and KPIs in your strategy portal—all in real time. Depending on the Vantage plan you choose, you can

  • Manage crowd density and optimize staffing
  • Visualize attendance and predict trends
  • Encourage specific guest actions through loyalty points
  • Control gate and attraction access
  • Send automatic maintenance alerts to employees
  • Enable cashless payment (or rather, payment through wearable?)

Integrate systems such as ticketing, loyalty, F&B, lockers, photos/videos, property management, and CRM

Do you know if you are wasting your marketing dollars and efforts on people who are not interested in the first place? Depending on the Vantage plan you choose, you can

  • Engage with your guests before, during, and after their visit
  • Send guests offers and promotions specific to their age, gender, family status, location, and interests
  • Suggest up and cross-selling opportunities

Dynamically alert guests of special offers and promotions according to your inventory levels for F&B, shows, activity slots

And you will love your new marketing targeting superpowers.

The digital transformation for water parks is coming. Don’t get left behind. Contact us to see how Vantage can help with the unique needs of your park.

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*Vantage branded