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Begin Your Water Park’s Digital Transformation

Digitize Your Guest Journey. Uncover Revenue Opportunities.
Earn Raving Reviews.

We live in a time of rapid technological progress, and the leisure industry is no exception. Water parks must meet the demands of today’s digital consumer to avoid becoming obsolete.

As leading experts in the water park and leisure digitization space, Vantage can guide your water park’s digital transformation.

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Why Water Parks are Digitally Transforming

Water parks, resorts, and attraction venues are turning to an array of technologies such as RFID solutions, digitized operations systems, and real-time data insights to modernize their facilities and unlock highly impactful growth opportunities.

Experience the advantages of digital transformation:

Gain a competitive edge in an increasingly digitized attractions and business landscape.

Earn raving reviews by curating personalized experiences your guests have come to expect.

Capture actionable insight for operations & marketing to uncover revenue opportunities.

How Vantage Can Elevate Your Water Park

The leap towards digital transformation can seem daunting. Let Vantage guide you through it.

Our single-solution system combines customer journey mapping, RFID applications, operations management systems, and third-party data integration all under one simple platform.

No need to lift a finger–we take care of complete setup.

Vantage provides complete software and hardware installation including RFID kiosks, RFID wristbands, RFID readers, and more.

Integrate your existing POS, F&B, and CRM under one platform without having to replace a thing.

The Vantage platform integrates all new and existing venue management systems, including third-party software.

Tend to park maintenance at the exact moment it’s required.

The employee module includes automatic real-time maintenance alerts, staffing optimization, and more.

View data-backed predictions on next week’s park attendance to avoid suprises.

Made possible through data visualization and trend prediction insights.

Allow your guests to make purchases with convenience and ease.

Digitize your point-of-sales systems and enable cashless payment through RFID wearables.

Analytically inform the placement of your F&B kiosk for maximized revenue.

Utilize location services for crowd density management and demographic whereabouts.

Keep guests coming back for more.

Encourage guest action through loyalty rewards programs.

Identify rider metrics with precision and uncover inefficiencies you didn’t know existed.

Real-time park metrics include dwell times, dispatch rates, live attendance, and more.

Technology can be complicated–we’re here to help.

Our dedicated client success team will guide you each step of the way.

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