Vantage’s Integration with Attractions Ticketing Software Is Excelling This Water Park’s Operations

Guests Using Integrated Attraction Ticketing Software for Entry
Vantage’s integration with Coretech Systems’ attraction ticketing software provides cost-saving convenience and revenue-generating insights.

Imagine knowing exactly how many times your season pass holders have visited your park as well as what time they came and left, allowing you to implement dwell time improvement tactics. This is exactly what an attraction ticketing software can do for you.

Imagine knowing which ticket holders bought what and how much they spent along the entire guest journey; understanding your consumers’ behaviors by demographic and adjusting your park’s offerings to maximize customer spending.

Imagine a frictionless entry into your park and cashless payment systems across your venue, thus boosting your guest reviews, not to mention reducing the number of staff needed.

The managers at Island H2O Waterpark in Kissimmee, Florida, do not have to imagine. They are already reaping these game-changing benefits through a system integration between attractions ticketing company Coretech Systems and our attractions management platform, Vantage. Let’s take a closer look at how the integration works and what difference it has made for the park.

Advantages of Attraction Ticketing and Point-of-Sales System Born in the Attraction & Theme Park Space

Who is Coretech Systems?

Coretech Systems develops software dedicated to the needs of the seasonal attractions industry, including ticketing, POS, food and beverage, and the accounting and reports pertaining to those systems. Unlike other ticketing companies, who adapt their software from the food and beverage or concert ticketing applications, Coretech Systems was born in the theme and amusement park space.

This differentiation, along with Coretech Systems’ background in finance, enables the deferred accounting model and reporting needed in seasonal businesses.

Water Park Season Pass Entrance

What Does Vantage Do?

Vantage is an attractions management API that integrates different park systems onto one intuitive platform to provide a better visitor experience while also driving operational efficiency. More integrations make for more seamless interactions in the park. In an ideal scenario, one interface grants guests access to everything the venue has to offer, and one interface provides staff everything they need for streamlined operations.

Through unique identifiers such as passive and active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy, and biometrics, combined with sensors located within the park in addition to apps and software, Vantage is able to elevate the digital guest experience and collect insightful data.

Working Together for Island H2O Waterpark

For Island H2O Waterpark, Coretech Systems provides the ticketing and POS systems. It manages the sales and implementation of day tickets and season passes in addition to the entitlements associated with the passes, such as parking and meal packages or cabana reservations.

So, while Coretech Systems enables admissions and cashless purchases, Vantage keeps track of who came, when they arrived and left, as well as what they bought.

Staying Ahead of the Game With Insightful Data

Why integrate? Here are some practical implementations:

  • Generate ancillary revenue with the right contextual data. Through real-time attendance information, the park knows exactly how many people are present at any given moment because in addition to tracking entries, it also tracks exits. For example, if the park found that many guests are leaving between 3 and 4pm, they can add happy hours to extend the length of stay.
  • Optimize staffing, improve attendance with dynamic pricing. The park can see the highest traffic days and times to plan for staff and adjust pricing accordingly.
  • Put together the optimal package for each demographic. Vantage can show how many passes are purchased per family on average. With this information, for example, you can curate the perfect package for a family of three instead of four.
  • Determine the ideal pass price and set up a model for deferred revenue with the data showing average attendance of a season pass holder.
  • Make informed decisions around the targeted marketing of season passes. See how much money season pass holders are spending by demographic and by zip code.
Guests analytics dashboard - Vantage

Two Minutes Instead of Two Hours: Virtual Pass Process

An exciting development between Coretech Systems and Vantage is the new virtual season pass process.

Does the following sound familiar to you? Guests purchase a season pass on site or a voucher for a season pass online. In either case, they would have to stand in line at the office, fill out some basic information on a paper form, and have their pictures taken. At the beginning of the season, this could be a 2 1/2 -hour line. And the information scribbled on paper? Often, guests leave many fields empty, and in any case, your staff doesn’t have time to key the data into the system.

Coretech Systems and Vantage are working on a virtual season pass process that will be a breeze for everyone. Instead of buying a voucher online to be processed physically later, guests can purchase and have their season pass on their phone right away. Here is what they would do:

  1. Purchase the season pass online.
  2. Set up a profile by entering the required demographic and contact information.
  3. Upload a headshot or take a selfie.
  4. Receive the season pass on their phone.
  5. Get loyalty points for filling out more than the required fields.

Guests would skip the monstrous line, and the park would save on staffing needs and collect valuable demographic information at the same time.

How We Would Work with Your Park

While this use case is specific to Island H2O Waterpark, we tailor a unique solution to each attractions venue. Our process begins with a discovery session to find out how you operate, what your needs are, and where your pain points lie. We would discuss what kind of data and what integrations would be the most useful to you to start with.

As Vantage has an open API (application programming interface) architecture, we can work with virtually any vendor with API—for example, your ticketing, POS, food and beverage, locker, waiver systems, and more.

Get in touch with us here, and we will walk you through how theme park system integrations will help you reveal revenue opportunities and reduce operating cost. Let this success story become yours.

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