Contact Tracing for Business

Our new normal necessitates a change in the way we operate in order to protect our employees, customers, and suppliers. Processes previously deemed unnecessary are now mandatory and businesses must have a plan to understand who has come into contact with whom.

The combination of Vantage’s expertise in wearable-based location services and big data analysis positions us to offer digitized contact tracing to companies looking for peace of mind in these uncertain times.

Simple to install and intuitive to use, Vantage’s Contact Tracing allows businesses to act quickly should anyone report symptoms. Accurately trace everyone that person has encountered, even down to second- and third-degree contacts, keeping your people safe and your business running.

Ideal for locations where social distance-based smart phone use is limited or inappropriate, Vantage’s smart wearable automatically logs contacts in a real-time dashboard, identifying who met who and for how long.

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