Contact Tracing for
Senior Living Residences

Break the chain of transmission quickly and accurately

When symptoms are reported, speed and accuracy are critical factors in containing the spread of COVID-19 amongst your residence, staff, and visitors.

Pro-active monitoring  |  Agile data management  |  Real-time reporting

Rely on facts, not recall

Vantage’s digital contact tracing system removes the slow and time-consuming work of conventional contact tracing methods that require someone to remember everyone they came into contact with over the span of days to weeks.

Intuitive technology

Discrete long-range readers placed around your facility trace Vantage’s bracelets, on both people and objects, automatically registering connections and for how long they last. These interactions are displayed, in real-time, on Vantage’s dashboard, where administrators can quickly and easily run tracing reports.

Complete adoption

Vantage’s platform lessens the burden on staff, and overcomes the dependence on mobile app downloads, especially in communities where smartphone ownership or usage is limited, as everyone who enters your facility are given waterproof and durable bracelets.

Answers in seconds, not days

Within a single dashboard, administrators can instantly trace an infected individual’s contacts, how long they spent with each person, where they went, and what facilities and equipment they used. Now you are armed with the facts you need to contain the spread within your facility by quickly isolating those who need to be isolated and confidently decontaminating high touch areas.

Vantage’s Contact Tracing Platform is an essential component in Coronavirus control measures where people are living and working in close quarters to each other. To find out more and to see if our technology is a fit for your facility, get in touch with us today.