Vantage Plans:

Essentials & Optional Pro Add-Ons

Do you personalize interactions with your guests? Do you speak to their individual preferences?

With Vantage, you can do just that and engage with your guests before, during, and after their visit. The same platform will give you real-time data so you can

  • streamline your operations (e.g., optimal staffing in every area)
  • hyper-target your sales and marketing (e.g. up and cross-sell, make offers to guests who have indicated their interest)

Scalable and customizable, start with Essentials and build with Pro. The choice is yours.

Vantage Essentials

The platform digitizes the guest journey, reveals revenue opportunities, and evolves venue management to operate not only on data but also on insights.

And when you are ready to explore more functionalities, you can add Pro features that will ultimately transform your venue to provide a frictionless experience for your guests and staff. Contact us to chat about how we can help with your venue’s specific needs.

Vantage Essentials vs. Vantage Pro Add-Ons

Features for the Guests
Wearable RFID disposable or reusable Vantage multi-frequency reusable band
Frictionless Partially
Loyalty program Yes Yes
Guest app Vantage branded White-labeled
Guest kiosk Vantage branded White-labeled
“Make My Day” (badges, park info, wait times)
Speed keys for front of line access
Find friends
Music personalization in attractions
Light effect customization in attractions
Features for the Operator
Real-time operator app
Strategy portal
    Customized metrics/KPIs
    Attendance visualization
    Ride dispatch
    Dwell time in zones
Virtual queuing
Front gate access control
Attraction access control
Location-based services
Integrated waivers
Enhanced dispatch system
Push notifications to specific staff
Tiered employee software access control
Guest feedback service
Features for the Marketing Team
Marketing module Lite
Demographic-based analytics
Push notifications on apps
CRM/CSM integration
Photos and videos integration
Food and beverage integrations
Property management system
Loyalty system
Cashless system