Hype or Substance?

Hype vs Substance - what guest-centered tech promises to deliver to location-based entertainment venues

What Guest-Centered Tech Promises to Deliver to Location-Based Entertainment Venue Operators and Visitors

The Internet of Things. Big data. Smart something. If I had a dime every time these words are mentioned…

These terms are often accompanied by hype and little substance. After decades in the corporate world, I’ve seen it all, and I promised myself I would only get involved in ventures that added tangible value.

So, I joined Vantage, a Vancouver-based start-up that translates the physical guest experience of a location-based entertainment venue, such as a resort or water park, into digital data. The Vantage platform unlocks valuable information for operators to streamline their operations, laser-focus on their marketing, and hyper-personalize each guest’s visit.

Now here is the substance: the real-time data gathered result in increases in ancillary revenue and decreases in operational costs, not to mention a new way of interacting with each individual customer.

Let me explain.

Venues employ many different systems for operations. Disconnected systems, to be specific. Vantage connects all of them into one single platform, whether it’s ticketing, food and beverage, lockers, photos, or waivers.

Here is the game changer: all data are real-time anchored on individual guests. And that’s where a lot of substance comes in.

Increase Ancillary Revenue

Demographic data alone has limited utility. With Vantage, you will understand buyer preferences because data collected track back to individual guests. For example, you will know:

  • In a water park, what rides are most popular with what age groups—you’ll also know what F&B is most popular with them—allowing you to send the right food carts to the right attractions.
  • What countries your resort guests tend to come from and what activities they usually book, so that you can send them personalized offers at the front desk and in their app, which leads to better conversions.
  • Who is surfing what types of waves and at what times so that you can send them tailored promotions or notifications for when their preferred time slot has a last-minute opening.

And with the mobile app, they can:

  • Collect loyalty points for setting up an account, which can translate into more spending
  • Plan their day by booking a cabana at a discount beforehand
  • Purchase photobooth pictures after their visit

Reduce Operational Costs

Real-time data will tell you exactly how many visitors are in your venue and where they are. When enough data are collected, these will give you predictive and prescriptive analytics. Translation: you can allocate your resources more efficiently.

  • Accurately plan your staff according to the expected number of guests at a particular time of day, a particular day in the season, or from a particular weather forecast – all from data modelling.
  • Ensure food and beverage inventory and supplies match expected attendance, and their buying preferences.
  • Plan your service and maintenance according to real-time usage of the attractions or facilities to meet needs instead of a schedule.

Interact with Customers on an Individualized Level

When a customer shares data with you, you better be honoring this trust by giving them a ton of value.

Besides creating a frictionless experience for guests, Vantage allows you to craft memorable, personalized moments, which will enhance brand affinity, customer loyalty, and best of all, brand advocacy. Here are ways you can make a day truly one of a kind with Vantage:

  • Drive repeat visitations and positive online reviews with Vantage’s loyalty program so that guests can earn points for rewards on a current or future visit.
  • Empower staff to “make it right” by giving rewards or points to an unhappy guest’s account.
  • Provide peace of mind for parents to track their children, or for group members to find each other.

There are so many ways venues can use data – smart data – to generate secondary revenue, operate more efficiently, and create truly tailored experiences for each guest. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager at Vantage will work with you to get the most out of this data.

With a guest-centered platform becoming the way of the future, I’d say, this is hype with a lot of substance.


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