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How Operators Can Spark Joy: A Practical (and Inspiring) Discussion

It’s time to adjust the way we see our business, and to accept that we are essential cogs of The Joy Economy.
To be more successful we must create more joy.

Take every path that leads to joy,

and guests will keep returning!

The Joy economy is based on 4 simple pillars from which everyone benefits: the operator that optimizes resources and revenues, and guests living the experience to the fullest.


Be the brand known for bringing joy into the guest experience.


Unforgettable experiences create joy and lifetime brand ambassadors.


Convenience creates joy, increase dwelltime, spend opportunities, and revenue.


Great experiences are meant to be shared and immortalized in every "TBT" post. Create joy and marketing for free, through reviews and social content.

The Joy Economy is a business model and ecosystem focused entirely on delivering customer experiences. It speaks to the enormous currency potential of joy - in terms of revenue, brand affiliation, staff retention, brand building and reputation.

Why is JOY our industry‘s essential mission?

Joy is more than a thrilling ride.
Joy is the complete reflection of an experience, and each moment  contributes.

How do we optimize each interaction, all the “in-between” moments, to enhance guests’ emotional connection with a venue?

How do you measure joy and why should this be your central metric and mission?


We are building a community with the most important professionals in our industry to make the most of this new way of approaching the market. Be part of the community.

A periodic series in various formats, Thr Joy Economy brings guest perspectives and some insights into the problems and solutions for our industry that should create and reorient the understanding of joy.

Unlock the Operator's Guide to Joy!

A virtual cycle of joy and achievement of
better results and revenues

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Every guest’s joy is maximized.
That’s our mission and together we can create the fun and joy that makes your business thrive.

Michael Jungen. President of Vantage

Message from our president:

“I have a vision of success for our industry: we must strive for the purest, simplest, and most powerful joyful emotional responses for the simple reason that if we do, everything else takes care of itself.

Join me on this journey and together we will take the term “experience” to another level where the entire chain of stakeholders and shareholders wins.”