The Joy Economy

The Joy Economy: The Operator’s E-Guide to Joy combines guest perspectives with industry expertise to reveal innovative solutions to create the joy that drives business.

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Make the Most of Your $eason: Strategies to Unlock New Revenue Opportunities in Venues

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Happier Guests

Give your guests exactly what they want—we make it simple.

Personalize the guest experience and empower guests to take control of their day. Offer the ultimate convenience with a single RFID wearable* that connects cashless payment, F&B, lockers, room access, and more to one guest account! Know exactly what your customers want and offer targeted content, custom discount packages, and loyalty programs that drive five-star reviews.

* or other unique identifier

Strategic Planning

Do more of what works and fix what doesn’t based on truths.

Connect disparate information across your park to discover untapped revenue opportunities and cost savings, all with the help of a dedicated Customer Success Manager. View simple dashboards that reveal real-time, historical, and forecasted trends for confident decision-making.

Smarter Marketing

Reach guests with the right offers at the right time.

Better marketing = higher revenue. Boost sales before, during, and after guest visits with in-app promotions. Target visitors most likely to make a purchase based on their personal habits and preferences. Grow your fanbase by targeting new customers with the help of data-driven guest personas.

Proactive Operations

Tend to park situations before issues arise.

Always stay two steps ahead of changing conditions with complete, real-time information at your fingertips. Optimize staffing and inventory when it matters most. Automate mechanical and maintenance alerts to keep updated on critical park situations at any given time.

Why Choose Vantage?

Experience Enablement

Anchor your entire venue to single guest accounts.

Unification of Existing Systems

Connectrather than replace—vendors to maximize success.

Data Interpretation

Work with a Customer Success Manager to unlock potential.

Easy-to-Use Dashboards

View complete information that is unique to your venue.

Greater Knowledge

Better understand your guests and venue with granular data.


Our platform is specifically designed for amusement and leisure success, with specialization in:

Water Parks

Surf Venues

Hotels & Resorts

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