Automation: From Cost-Cutting to Experience-Boosting

It sounds dry, but business process automation (the use of technology to automate manual and repetitive tasks so that employees can focus on critical tasks) is being adopted by 80% of companies by 2025 according to a recent survey carried out by Analytics Insight. Are you part of those 80%?

To learn more about the different types of automation, here is a great article from IBM.

The adoption of automation has become more than just a trend. It’s now a vital component for success in the Hospitality, Water Parks, and Theme Parks industry. From slashing costs to enhancing guest experiences, automation is reshaping the landscape for the better. Let’s explore how this is improving products and services and driving growth opportunities.

Cost-Saving Measures:

  1. Efficiency Boost: Imagine the time saved on mundane tasks like ticketing, maintenance schedules, and inventory management. Automation streamlines these repetitive tasks, significantly reducing manual labor costs and minimizing errors along the way.
  2. Resource Optimization: By automating routine processes, we can free up valuable human resources to focus on innovation and enhancing the guest experience. It’s about reallocating talent where it matters most, driving efficiency and productivity.
  3. Safety & Predictive Maintenance:

    Foresee and prevent downtime and costly repairs. By staying ahead of potential issues, we save both time and money, ensuring smooth operations. This topic could fill an entire article on its own, but I’ll provide some bullet points on how it’s achievable. One thing is certain: the risks of accidents or collisions and the expenses incurred due to trial and error will decrease significantly in the short term.

    • Automated Monitoring Systems: Implementing automated monitoring systems equipped with sensors and cameras can help detect potential hazards or safety issues in real-time. These systems can monitor areas such as water parks, rides, and public spaces, alerting staff to any abnormalities or emergencies promptly.
    • Digital Queue Management: Utilizing automated queue management systems can help regulate crowd flow and maintain safe distancing measures, especially in busy areas like theme parks and resorts. These systems can provide real-time updates on wait times, manage crowd density, and optimize ride or attraction access.
    • Smart Wearables: Introducing smart wearable devices for guests, such as wristbands or badges embedded with RFID and BLE technology, can enhance safety by enabling quick identification and tracking of individuals within the premises. These devices can also be used for contactless payments, access control, and emergency alerts.
    • Automated Incident Reporting: Implementing automated incident reporting systems allows guests and staff to report safety concerns or emergencies quickly and efficiently. These systems can streamline the communication process, ensuring that incidents are addressed promptly by the appropriate personnel.
    • Integration of AI and Predictive Analytics: Leveraging AI and predictive analytics can help identify safety trends, predict potential risks, and proactively implement preventive measures. Analyzing data from various sources, such as guest behavior patterns and maintenance records, can enable businesses to anticipate safety issues before they occur.

Utilizing cost-saving automation enhances business efficiency and profitability.

Furthermore, it paves the way for new opportunities, with limitless revenue potential from innovative strategies as detailed below:

Revenue-Generating Opportunities:

  1. Marketing & Personalized Guest Experiences: Marketing Automation plays a crucial role in transforming how businesses engage with their customers deeply, implementing targeted marketing strategies to guarantee a smooth customer experience journey. In other words, automation empowers us to gather and analyze guest data, providing insights to deliver personalized experiences and promotions. By understanding their preferences, we can drive repeat visits and increase spending, fostering guest loyalty.
  2. E-commerce & Dynamic Pricing Strategies: With automation, you can implement dynamic pricing models based on demand fluctuations. This enables your venue to maximize revenue during peak times and optimize pricing strategies during slower periods, ensuring profitability year-round.
  3. Operational Insights: Automation provides real-time insights into operational performance, allowing you to identify revenue leaks and optimize resource allocation. By leveraging data-driven decision-making, we can seize new revenue streams and enhance overall efficiency.
  4. Contactless Operations: Touchless check-ins, mobile key access, voice-controlled amenities, and automated payment systems are facilitated by automation. These advancements reduce physical contact, ensuring a convenient, safe, and hygienic environment for guests.


From streamlining operations to enhancing guest experiences, automation serves as the catalyst for unlocking untapped potential. Technology is no longer optional for staying relevant to your guests. By harnessing automation solutions, we are not merely making minor adjustments; we are investing in the long-term success of the business. This investment drives revenue growth, enhances guest satisfaction, and improves staffing retention and happiness.

Analyzing data for a year ahead forecasts accurate

You don’t have to be an automation expert because we are.

Automation and integration are fundamental to our operations. We firmly believe that guest experiences and operational efficiency are intertwined, each essential to the success of the other. Our technology infuses every touchpoint with automation intelligence, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems without disruption. This ensures that your venue operates at peak efficiency, leaving a lasting impression on your guests and keeping your brand top of mind.

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