Checklist to follow when creating convenience for guests

Studies show that a whopping 70% of customers are willing to pay more for products or services if they promise a convenient experience. But what exactly does convenience mean in the eyes of the consumer? And how can businesses capitalize on this trend to attract and retain customers?


  1. Convenience is the ease and simplicity with which consumers can access and use a product or service.
  2. It encompasses factors such as location, accessibility, speed, and user experience.
  3. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for convenience because it saves them time, effort, and stress.
  4. Businesses that prioritize convenience can gain a competitive edge and foster customer loyalty.


  1. Seamless Online Experience: Websites and mobile apps should be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and quick load times.
  2. Effortless Booking: Streamlined online booking platforms with intuitive interfaces and secure payment options make it easy for guests to reserve accommodations or purchase waterpark tickets.
  3. Smooth Check-in/Out: Automated check-in/out processes, mobile check-in options, and express lanes minimize wait times and enhance guest satisfaction.
  4. Accessible Amenities: Well-marked signage, clear directions, and convenient access to facilities such as restaurants, pools, and water slides enhance the guest experience.
  5. Responsive Customer Service: Prompt assistance, 24/7 support, and personalized interactions leave a positive impression on guests and address any concerns promptly.
  6. Simplified Processes: Complex procedures and paperwork can deter customers, so businesses should strive to streamline processes and minimize friction points.


  • Invest in Technology: Implementing property management systems, mobile apps, and guest communication platforms streamline operations and enhance guest convenience.
  • Enhance On-site Navigation: Signage, maps, and digital displays can help guests navigate large properties or waterpark complexes effortlessly.
  • Offer Package Deals: Bundling accommodations with waterpark passes or meal packages simplifies the booking process and provides added value for guests.
  • Anticipate Guest Needs: Proactively address common pain points by offering amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, in-room amenities, and concierge services.
  • Offer Flexible Options: Provide multiple payment methods, delivery options, and customization features to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Personalize the Experience: Leverage data analytics and customer insights to tailor recommendations and offerings to individual preferences and behaviors.


    • Disney’s MagicBand: Disney’s MagicBand system allows guests to access their hotel rooms, enter theme parks, and make purchases with a simple tap, enhancing convenience and personalization.
    • Marriott Mobile Key: Marriott Hotels’ mobile key feature allows guests to check-in online and use their smartphones as room keys, eliminating the need for physical key cards and simplifying the check-in process.
    • AccorHotels’ Mobile Check-Out: AccorHotels offers a mobile check-out feature that allows guests to settle their bills, review charges, and check out of their rooms directly from their smartphones. This eliminates the need to visit the front desk, providing a seamless and convenient experience for guests during departure.


In the competitive landscape, convenience emerges as a key differentiator in shaping guest satisfaction and loyalty.

By prioritizing convenience and implementing strategic initiatives such as technology solutions, streamlined processes, and personalization, venues can create memorable and hassle-free experiences that resonate with guests and set them apart from the competition.

Ultimately, in the hospitality and waterpark industries, convenience isn’t just a perk—it’s a fundamental element that can make all the difference in delighting guests and fostering long-term relationships.


At Vantage, we understand the importance of making things easy for your guests. That’s why we focus on convenience every step of the way, from booking to enjoying the rides. Here’s how we can help make your waterpark experience seamless and stress-free:

  • Online Ticketing: Tickets and season passes purchased from the comfort of their home.
  • Reservations & Cabana Rentals: Book a spot in advance to ensure a relaxing day by the pool.
  • Cashless Payments: They can leave their wallet at home and pay for everything with a tap.
  • Memories on the Go: Capture every moment with photos and videos available on our app.
  • Personalized Experiences: Tailored recommendations to make their visit special.
  • Park Info: They stay informed about events, hours, and attractions.
  • Family & Friends Finder: They will never lose track of their loved ones in the crowd.
  • Reward System: Points and badges for your guest’s loyalty.
  • Keyless Lockers: Guest belongings securely while they have fun.
  • Premium Options: Upgrade the experience for a little extra luxury.

Talk to our team today to discover how Vantage can take your Resort or Waterpark to the next level of convenience, profitability, and guest satisfaction.

Cashless Payments: Guests no longer need to carry wallets


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