Goodbye Cookies: Your Data Matters More Than Ever

In the dynamic world of online marketing, major changes are underway that will impact how water parks, hotels, and resorts connect with their audience. You’ve probably heard about those sneaky third-party cookies – the online trackers that follow users around. Well, they’re on their way out, and this is a game-changer for businesses in the hospitality industry. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox have already announced they’ll no longer be collecting cookies on their platforms.

Without third-party cookies, water parks, hotels, and resort brands will have to rely on their own data – the first-party data. This information, collected directly from your guests during their entire journey, becomes even more critical as privacy rules get stricter.

Here’s why the hospitality and attraction industries should care about first-party data:

  1. Privacy Matters: Websites asking for user info? That’s first-party data – it’s like a trusty nod. With privacy rules getting stricter, this kind of data is a reliable friend. Similarly, every piece of information collected from guests during their venue visit becomes valuable first-party data.
  2. Get the Real Deal: First-party data is like getting info straight from the source – you and your venue! No more relying on those third-party cookies that might give you outdated or wrong details. Guests’ favorite brands get the real, fresh scoop on what they like and don’t.
  3. It’s All About Your Guests: Personalized contact is cool, right? It connects emotionally with guests and brings better outcomes to business. First-party data lets brands tailor things to a new level. Imagine ads, recommendations, and offers that feel like they were made just for your guests. For them, it will be like having their digital butler.
  4. Ads That Matter: Businesses can still target guests with ads, but this time it’s through the information collected from guests during their entire journey – before, during, and after the visit.
  5. Guests Friends Forever: First-party data helps brands become customers’ BFFs. You get to know guests better, and they only get what fits their needs. It’s a win-win for creating stronger bonds between your business and your clients.

As the internet changes, saying goodbye to third-party cookies means saying hello to a new era where your data takes center stage. It’s not just about rules and regulations; it’s about making guests’ experience more personal and enjoyable. Your data – your rules!

What’s the Next Move for Water Parks, Hotels, and Resorts?

  1. Step Up First-Party Data Gathering: Improve your website and social media to encourage users to interact and share data. Use engaging content, surveys, and sign-up forms to directly collect valuable insights from your audience. As an operator, you have the chance to gather even more detailed data from the venue experience. From the entry point and ticketing system to the entire journey inside, make sure to collect data from your guests.
  2. Invest in the Right Tech: Research and get tech solutions that match your goals. Look for robust Guest Engagement Platforms to handle your valuable data and enhance knowledge about your guests.
  3. Embrace Contextual Advertising Practices: Create ads that connect with the content your audience is into – like putting up guest experience-related ads on leisure and hospitality blogs or forums.
  4. Unify Your System & Focus on Customer Experience: Build a strategy that gives your guests a smooth experience across all interactions. Ensure your messages are consistent, and moving between channels is easy, from before they visit, during their time at your venue, to after they leave. What is the role of your website, your app, your staff, F&B, ticketing, etc… and how do you connect the information to transform the data you have into rewarding guest experiences?
  5. Stay Informed and Compliant: Keep your team updated on privacy laws and digital marketing rules. Ensure all your tactics follow regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Provide clear options for users to opt in or out of data collection to respect their privacy.

To learn more about these concepts and gain further insights, here are some reliable links:

  1. Google for Developers
  2. Deloitte
  3. HubSpot


Alright, let’s dive into the Vantage side of things. We’re all about data – call us geeks if you want. But here’s the cool part: our system in these spots is like a built-in data detective, grabbing info at every guest interaction. Our unique technology collects valuable guest data even when they are just playing or moving from one attraction to another. Why? Well, not just for kicks, but to be your sidekick in decision-making and a savvy marketing tool. It’s basically your secret weapon – competitive advantage – for staying ahead in the market game.

Vantage technology collect information from guests before, during and after the visit

Vantage collects guest information before, during and after their visit


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