Quick Tips: Managing Holiday and Season Pass Guests

The way holiday guests and season pass guests enjoy your venue varies, and we all know that. However, understanding these variations in detail helps operators build better experiences for both groups. From premium experiences and souvenirs that cater to high-value one-time spending, to discounts and easy entry that appeal to season pass holders, you’ll find key tips to help you navigate these differences.

By understanding and addressing the unique behaviors and needs of holiday guests and season pass guests, you can tailor your services, marketing, and operational strategies to maximize guest satisfaction and loyalty, driving higher short- and long-term revenue for your venue.

Let’s dive into the main differences and some tips:

  1. Experience Expectations

  • Holiday Guests: Seek a comprehensive, memorable experience. They are often more willing to spend on premium services, merchandise, and special experiences.
  • Season Pass Guests: Prefer a more relaxed, flexible experience. They look for value and variety in each visit to keep their experience fresh and exciting.
  1. Customer Service Needs

  • Holiday Guests: Require more guidance and information, such as maps, schedules, and recommendations for making the most of their visit.
  • Season Pass Guests: Appreciate efficient entry processes and the availability of loyalty rewards or exclusive perks.
Personalized Push notifications
Personalized push notifications are a valuable tool for both groups of guests
  1. Engagement and Communication

  • Holiday Guests: Effective communication strategies include targeted marketing around holiday events, special promotions, and comprehensive visitor guides.
  • Season Pass Guests: Benefit from regular updates about new attractions, exclusive events, and ongoing promotions through newsletters, mobile apps, and social media
  1. Operational Considerations

  • Holiday Guests: Prepare for higher staff-to-guest ratios during peak times to handle increased inquiries and maintain service quality.
  • Season Pass Guests: Focus on maintaining consistent service levels and offering exclusive benefits to encourage repeat visits and renewals.
  1. Planning and Booking

  • Holiday Guests: Often plan their visit well in advance, including accommodation, special events, and dining reservations. Offering bundled packages or early bird specials can attract these guests and enhance their experience.
  • Season Pass Guests: Tend to visit spontaneously or on short notice, taking advantage of their familiarity with the venue. Having them engaged with the venue app and promotions will help you forecast their next visit.
  1. Money and Time Spending Patterns

  • Holiday Guests: Tend to have higher overall spending, including on souvenirs, dining, and special attractions. Time is a significant concern for them, and they don’t want to leave without experiencing the most famous and best-reviewed attractions.
  • Season Pass Guests: More budget-conscious per visit but make frequent smaller purchases over time. These guests are more likely to visit the venue on less crowded days to enjoy their favorite attractions at a leisurely pace.
  1. Feedback and Improvement

  • Holiday Guests: Collect feedback to understand their overall experience and identify areas for improvement to attract future holiday visitors.
  • Season Pass Guests: Foster a community through regular feedback loops and consider implementing suggestions to enhance long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

How You Are Collecting and Analyzing the Behavior Data Matters

Implementing these tips to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all your visitors is key, but the question is: how are you going to understand the differences on a deeper level, beyond this post?

At Vantage, we believe in the power of data. We help operators create frictionless experiences for guests by integrating the entire venue into a unique system where every touch point, digital and physical, becomes a data collector. This data is then presented in a visual and easily digestible dashboard for managers to make informed decisions—whether in real-time or not.

To learn more, just request a demo today.


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