Keeping Guests Waiting…and Happy

On Thursday, June 18th, Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai reopened to the public with a new addition—wait time signs! A rare sight at a water park, wait time signs play an important role in managing guest expectations and helping to improve a visitor’s overall in-park experience. It’s for this very reason that Atlantis chose Vantage’s Wait Time Signs module when we visited the park back in February.

The park’s attendance is a mix of hotel and day guests, with hotel guests making up about 60% of visitors. Atlantis wanted to track this groups’ ridership in the park, which would produce a statistically relevant sample size to generate accurate, real-time wait times for everyone.

Overcoming Pandemic Obstacles

Using their downtime, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the park installed strategically located TVs to display their water slide wait times and sourced their own disposable RFID wrist bands. Meanwhile, we shipped Vantage tablets and display controllers for their TVs. Luckily, given the travel bans in place, at the time, this module could be easily installed by the park. According to Olivia Wyrick, Director, Aquaventure Operations, Atlantis The Palm, “it was easy for us to deploy and our staff were able to use it with minimal training because it’s so intuitive.”

A Simple Solution with Big Results

An Aquaventure attendant at the bottom of each tower scans a hotel guest’s wrist band with a Vantage tablet, clocking them into the queue line. At the top of the tower, another attendant scans the guest’s wrist band at the entrance to each slide, thereby calculating how long they spent in line. This information automatically updates the wait times displayed on the tablets and the TVs around the park.

Vantage’s Wait Time Signs module is easy to implement and doesn’t rely on technology such as mobile phones that water park guests wouldn’t carry with them onto slides. These disposable and inexpensive wrist bands make it simple for the park to not only see wait times, but also how many times a hotel guests rides the same slide, when are peak wait times, what’s the most popular slide, and more.

Effective Queue Line Management

With the help of their dedicated Customer Success Manager, Kyle Meredith, the team at Atlantis will be able to use this invaluable data to improve their operational efficiency, staff more accurately, and create more targeted marketing. As Wyrick explained, “the real-time insight into how our queues are performing is incredibly helpful in allowing us to manage our guests’ expectations and improve their overall satisfaction.” She continued, “even after a couple of weeks in use, we can already see the difference it has made, not just for our guests, but for our staff as well. I’m pleased to say that the system works flawlessly.”

Effective Venue Management Solutions

The Wait Time Sign module that Aquaventure chose for their park is just one of many that Vantage has designed to improve the operational efficiency and guest engagement for a range of venue types, from water and theme parks to surf pools and, even, museums.

In addition to wait time signs, Vantage offers a complete set of Queue Line Management solutions that includes Virtual Queuing and Front of Line Access modules. In fact, we have every corner of a venue covered, with modules for everything from Access Control and Digital Waiver Management to Location Tracking and Guest Personalization.

If you’d like to learn more about Vantage and how we can tailor a solution to the needs of your venue, contact us today.

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