New Solutions for New Problems

In December of 2019, or ‘the before times’ as it’s now known, the Vantage team met in Longmont, Colorado to plan out the upcoming year. We discussed potential water park projects, debated BHAGs, and depleted the dry erase marker supply of Boulder County. Two intensive days later, a comprehensive plan was mapped out about how we saw, and hoped, 2020 would go—minus one big factor, a global pandemic.

Now faced with an uncertain year ahead and ever-changing circumstances, we were confronted with a new reality that would require a pivot…or two. Luckily, we’re in the software game, and the beauty of software is that depending on how you slice and dice it, you can create solutions to problems in a myriad of ways and for a range of industries.

I think we will forever be perfecting the elevator pitch for Vantage, as its technology is so configurable and adaptive that it can be used to manage any combination of people in any type of venue with any mix of features. However, what remains constant across these interchangeable aspects is the concept of ‘the account’—the nucleus of every Vantage solution. That means that no matter the venue type and its occupants, whether it be a guest, employee, resident, patient, or visitor, they are all represented by an account which is tied to an identifier. By better understanding this “account”, you can better understand the wants, needs, and behaviours of the people who are integral to your success.

In a water park, the infrastructure that allows a guest to create a profile and link it to a wrist band, that then enables an operator to trace that guest’s behaviours across rides and F&B while controlling their access to areas within the park can also be transferred to other applications. This same functionality can be applied to contact tracing and health screening. It’s a natural segue and obvious next step for Vantage’s proven capabilities.

With that in mind, we set about developing new solutions for new problems. Reshaping the location services that we had already developed for finding lost children, dynamic crowd control, and behavioural analytics in a water park, we created Contact Tracing for Business; thankfully we spent more time on crafting the solution than we did coming up with the name. With a little ingenuity and some reconfiguration, we now have a quick-to-deploy contact tracing product that can be used in offices, long-term care facilities, warehouses, or any defined location with a habitual population—i.e. employees, residents, patients, etc.—that would not consistently have a mobile phone with them.

Our pilot installation will be at a senior assisted living home, where Vantage will trace who the residents, employees, and visitors come into contact with, throughout the building and over multiple floors. The pilot will also include health screenings for everyone entering the facility.

Our second installation will also include health screenings, as well as contact tracing—this time at WhiteWater’s head office. As our parent company, and with an office of approximately 250 people, it was a logical location to adopt Vantage’s solution. In addition to bolstering WhiteWater’s COVID-19 safety protocols, the self-serve tool also helps to free up their Safety Team from temperature taking duties – allowing them to focus on their primary roles.

It goes without saying that none of this was in the plans, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case, reinvention.

To request more information or to see a demo of our Health Screening and Contact Tracing solutions, click the contact link in the top right hand of the screen.

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