Our Contact Tracing Pivot

Unprecedented is a word that gets used a lot at the moment, and with good reason. Sure, it has synonyms; unparalleled, extraordinary, and exceptional, but none of those words seem to strike the right tone. And what is happening right now around the world is, for lack of a better word, unprecedented. The impact this pandemic has had on our daily lives is unprecedented. The fight by front-line workers to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to save lives is unprecedented. And the need to adapt to this new reality is…unprecedented.

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of companies to quickly pivot in order to produce much needed supplies, from personal protective equipment to hand sanitizer, demonstrates how businesses are working to do their part, while also keeping their staff employed during these uncertain times.

We, at Vantage, have been inspired by this show of fellowship and support and so we asked ourselves if there was a way in which we could help. We don’t create goods, per se, but what we do create is knowledge.

Designed for Water Parks…

Our platform was originally designed to trace guests through a water park via smart wrist bands, showing operators how guests circulate, what attractions they ride, and where they spend their time. This basic information on its own gives a snapshot of the number of people in a park, where they are, and how they behave. The value of these answers is derived from when we link their wrist bands to guest profiles. Each guest of the park is incentivized to create an information-rich profile, via a mobile app or in-venue kiosk, that records any number of details a park wishes to know and that the guest is willing to share.

…but with Endless Possibilities

Our current business model applies this transferable technology to other venue types similar to water parks, such as resorts, family entertainment centers, and museums. Essentially places that share similarities: guests visiting a defined space for a certain length of time where their satisfaction is paramount to the success of the venue. Understanding guest behaviour, which can be filtered by demographic details, is invaluable information for an operator to have when operating day-to-day and planning for the long-term.

Contact Tracing Where There’s a Need

This type of evidence, of knowing who has come into contact with whom, of where they visited, and how long they stayed, could also prove beneficial for other types of businesses beyond the attractions realm. Being able to contact trace anyone, without a cell phone, within a defined space quickly and accurately could help stop the spread of viruses and save lives.

Easily applied to any number of defined locations, Vantage’s platform can give management insight into not only interpersonal interactions but also personal contact with facilities and spaces along with alerts when wrist bands have entered unauthorized zones with quick location finding.

If you are a business, whether it be a long-term care facility, daycare, warehouse, work camp—anywhere that could benefit from contact tracing—and you think that Vantage can help, please drop us a line.

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