The Team Powering Vantage

Michael Jungen


Michael has a 25-year track record implementing cutting-edge technologies for the attractions and hospitality industries. Playing a key role in the Disney Parks Next Generation Experience (NGE) project, Michael led the implementation of several innovative initiatives including MagicBand and MyMagic+, as well as single-finger biometrics at park entrances and the Disney Gift Card. Michael was also instrumental in developing and delivering Carnivals Ocean Medallion guest experience platform. Most recently, as Global Vice President of CX Solutions Technology for Aristocrat Gaming, his unprecedented credentials helped shape the future of customer experience engagement platforms. Michael is passionate about helping to make venues welcoming, engaging places for all who enter.

Aaron Mendelson

Senior Vice President

Aaron’s expertise in building world-class guest experiences that drive operational insight has been acquired through a combination of hands-on experience and product vision. Starting with a degree in science and technology, he served in a leadership role at Universal Orlando’s entertainment division. From there, Aaron spent over 10 years creating technology-driven experiences within the hospitality industry at Marriott Hotels as the Director of Special Events and Entertainment. In this position, Aaron was responsible for the strategy, execution, marketing, operation, and financial success of each entertainment event. Using RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy, and interactive video, Aaron created a themed attraction that helped cement his ability to blend guest journey with operational excellence. Since 2012, Aaron has been part of the WhiteWater family to successfully drive technology across multiple product lines, with each one of them contributing to the client-focused product vision and stability that Vantage enjoys today.

Frank Good

Vice President, Business Development

Frank has been a sales professional in the attractions space since 2004. After studying Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, he realized a greater desire to help people enhance their businesses by providing products that delivered more “fun for everyone.” Starting with sales in water slides and then moving to technology systems in 2011, Frank has enjoyed working with top brands in the amusement, ski, cultural institution, zoo, and aquarium markets to develop digital solutions that centered on improving the guest experience and drove new outcomes for revenue and brand metrics. He is passionate about finding solutions for clients through candid conversations, advising them with his depth and breadth of industry knowledge, and with well-designed processes.

David Black

Director of Technology

David is a proven innovator and a business savvy project manager who began his career with a BSc in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. His expertise in systems and software engineering, product design and architecture, and real-time embedded functions has led him to create cutting-edge solutions over 30 years for a variety of applications, including telecommunications, medicine, entertainment, intelligence, security, and surveillance. David has worked with WhiteWater since 2015. His ability to envision and develop technology for both the corporate world as well as aerospace and the U.S. military means that Vantage clients will benefit from his creative, cross-functional thinking and a sharp eye for operational details.

Philip Edgell
Strategic Advisor

Phil’s leadership in the technology space dates back to 2007. With an MBA from University of Calgary and a hands-on background in IT, he has a demonstrated ability to lead growth in some of Vancouver’s best-known technology companies. Phil has served as Hootsuite’s Global Vice President of Sales Operations, where he redefined the company’s go-to-market strategy. During his 15 years at Long View Systems, he led both Canada and the US operations, managed cloud and outsourcing business and was responsible for corporate marketing, governance, and IT. Phil’s extensive knowledge across multiple functions, as well as successful results expanding businesses both locally and internationally, will help Vantage’s clients modernize their operations, marketing, and guest experience.

Nicholas Seeber

Software Engineering Manager

Nick has been working on ambitious coding projects since 2001. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA), and is Network+ and Security+ certified. From fixing computers and video game systems to network administration, Nick does not shy away from hands-on work. He has been managing development teams since 2015, working with all kinds of clients, from robotics to e-commerce websites. Nick has taught around 300 people how to code at boot camps aimed at women and minority groups and helped them with job placement. His desire and energy to make a difference will be felt by Vantage clients.

Zac McCallum

Senior Project Manager

Zac is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who graduated from Colorado State University in 2015 with a degree in Economics. His studies in formal project management methodology, along with his background in economics, helped him develop a keen eye for efficiency. Zac’s prior life in design, construction, and engineering saw him managing complex projects featuring new technologies. This background sharpened his attention to detail and provided him valuable technology integration experience, which gave him all the tools for success as a Vantage Project Manager. Zac focuses on process creation and implementation to drive results while maintaining a focus on creativity and innovation.

Corey Anthony

Front-End Developer/Team Lead

Corey’s leadership and development work in IT and applications technology began in 2004. With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix and the completion of an apprenticeship as an Information Technology Specialist, Corey has demonstrated the ability to produce high-quality software and lead development teams in well-known companies. During his ten years supporting the United States Antarctic Program while employed at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, Corey oversaw a web development team and directly contributed to a host of specialized applications and related websites. Corey’s extensive experience in different technical environments ensures excellence in Vantage’s software, enabling clients to provide a world-class level of service to their customers.

Vladan Pantelic
Project Manager, MENA

With an MBA in International Business Management from the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and extensive experience in research and in the corporate world, Vladan brings a sharp eye for opportunities. Prior to joining Vantage, he led a cross-functional team as Head of Revenue Operations in the Jumeirah Group, where his improvements in operating efficiencies delivered impressive measurable results. Vladan’s expertise encompasses digital strategy, experience management, business intelligence, and agile solutions for data-driven decision making. He regularly shares his knowledge through speaking and lecturing at conferences and educational institutions. With a versatile skillset spanning business and technology, Vladan has the right blend to help Vantage clients unlock competitive advantages driven by behavioral insights.


Travis Miller

Software Engineer

Travis graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a double major in Game Design & Development and Information Technology in 2013. Since then, he has gone on to form his own game development company as well as master common project management and software development patterns. He has completed contracts ranging from small-scale startup infrastructure tasks to large corporate software projects. This variety provided Travis with experience to perfect an operating procedure for software development, including SDLC, testing strategies, dev ops, and more. His skills in creating an ideal roadmap for development teams and in executing development logistics makes him an excellent software strategist for Vantage.

Silvia Peckham

Logistics & Office Manager

Silvia (she/her) brings a unique perspective to office management with her diverse background combined with experience in logistics, administration, management, and executive assistance. She honed her exceptional organizational skills while serving as a Logistics Specialist in the United States Navy, where she coordinated the procurement, tracking, delivery, and inventory management of aviation parts critical to fleet readiness and multiple overseas deployments. Silvia holds a BA in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and is passionate about creating an office workspace that celebrates and is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through both action and education.

Will Clopton

Senior Developer

Will specializes in web development and full-stack development, writing enterprise Web, IOS, and WPF applications using a wide range of platforms and languages. He brings over 3 decades of experience and holds a BA in Physics, with an emphasis on Computer Science. Will has written the PHP web applications that implemented the Facebook Ads Manager API and has written custom software for major utility companies around the world. Prior to Vantage, Will helped co-found a software development company which he and his team grew to maturity. Will’s expeditious nature and ability to quickly put our fires is an asset to the Vantage team.

Lenique Bossr

Project Coordinator, MENA

Lenique brings her extensive background in the hospitality and water park industries with a deep understanding of client and guest experiences. Having specialized in guest-centric markets with a people-first approach, Lenique cultivates good business working relationships with all relevant stakeholders through open communication and highly organized processes. Lenique holds a Bachelor of Technology in PR and Communications Management.

Mark Wridt

Mobile Application Developer

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and has been an Apple developer since 2001. His extensive experience as a software engineer encompasses building internal proprietary software for large multinational and small corporations, with projects varying from controlling millions of dollars of inventory to creating intuitive children’s apps. As an iOS Application Developer, he has worked on the iOS version of the Google StreetView app. Mark’s scientific background brings solid skills in modeling, data analysis, and abstraction to his role in producing dependable enterprise software for Vantage’s clients.

Eli Gustilo

Android Developer

Eli is a software engineer specializing in Kotlin and Android development. After obtaining a BA from University of Colorado Boulder, he began pursuing his passion in modern Android architecture. Prior to joining Vantage, Eli had an accomplished freelancing career where he designed multiple fully realized Android apps in the Google Play store as well as a library on GitHub. His attention to detail helps Vantage find bugs before they happen and deliver high-quality code that works reliably in every scenario.

Shay Babaki

Marketing Lead

With a background in digital marketing and communications, Shay’s passion for technology shines through in her work bringing Vantage to market. She enjoys applying creative, value-led strategies to drive messaging around the digital transformation of the amusement industry. Shay is currently pursuing a Digital Marketing Associate Certificate from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Sociology from the University of Victoria.

Harmony Liau Mueller

Communications & Content Lead

Harmony holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Certificate in Digital Marketing Management from the University of Toronto. Having lived in five different countries speaking three different languages—including German and Mandarin Chinese, she brings a cross-cultural perspective to communications. Harmony has worked in advertising at a state exhibition center in Germany, served as a magazine editor in China, and later headed marketing and communications at a prestigious international school. She loves creating content that helps clients understand the benefits of a product or service and is currently pursuing a Certificate in Strategic Copywriting.