Risk Reduction

Take the pressure off your team and minimize human error.

Ensure safety criteria like weight and height requirements are adhered to by associating guest information to RFID wearables.

Keep parents and children connected with location services and parental controls for child no-go zones.

Link digital waivers to guest accounts and keep digital records of staffing history, pool chemical levels, ride usage, and more.

Avoid costly, unexpected breakdowns with predictive maintenance based on attraction usage and historical data.

Real-Time Information

Stay on top of your venue’s conditions in real time.

Automate mechanical and maintenance alerts when numbers fall beyond pre-determined thresholds.

Keep occupant numbers within safety limit requirements by knowing exact attendance, entries and exits at any given time.

Track dispatch rates, throughput rates, crowd concentrations, and more.

Crowd Management

Regulate crowds by influencing guest behaviors.

Attract guests to smaller lines with wait time signage using real-time throughput data.

Incentivize shorter queues with loyalty point distributions based on length of wait times.

Allow guests to skip queues altogether with the purchase of “Speed Keys,” or front-of-line access.

Staffing Management

Determine your staffing sweet spot and motivate employees.

Accurately predict staffing needs across your park by using historical and forecasted trends.

Identify areas of under-performance to guide staff training opportunities.

Gamify everyday processes with team scoreboards, digital trophies, and awards to engage and motivate employees.


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