Guest Personalization

Make the experience unique to make it memorable.

Let guests choose and experience their favorite music and colors as they move through your venue.

Offer loyalty points along each guest’s unique journey so they can earn perks and freebies that keep them coming back.

Cut through the noise. Send guests tailored promotions that matter to them based on their personal behaviors.

Greater Convenience

Simplify the guest journey for a more seamless experience.

Connect your guests to your entire park with a single RFID wearable for F&B, lockers, facility access, and more.

Ease purchasing with cashless payment integration anchored to a single, cross-venue guest account.

Move away from complicated manual ticketing processes to ticketing automation and POS software integration.

Allow guests to easily locate their friends and family members in a matter of seconds with “My Friends” guest app feature.

Faster Service

Allow guests to spend less time waiting and more time playing.

Enable “Speed Key” purchasing so guests can get front-of-line access.

Empower guests to plan their days based on digital wait time displays throughout the venue and on their app.

Reward guests with loyalty points for choosing attractions with shorter queues.

Eliminate wait times for tickets and seasons pass purchases through automation and ticketing software integration.

Increased Safety

Provide visitors peace of mind with a safer park environment.

Equip guests with digital wayfinding so they can find move around your venue without getting lost.

Activate parental controls so parents can establish no-go zones and locate their children.

Link waiver information like height and weight to individual RFID wearables to control ride access based on safety restrictions.


Our platform is specifically designed for amusement and leisure success, with specialization in:

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