Vantage Launches Contact Tracing Pilot at The Oxford Senior Care

Today, Vantage, a Vancouver-based innovator in real-time locating systems (RTLS) and contact tracing solutions, announces its production pilot at The Oxford Senior Care, a premiere private care home located in Abbotsford, BC.

The Oxford is owned and operated by The Care Group, providers of high-quality long-term care, assisted living, and independent living services throughout BC. In their ongoing mission to deliver person centered and best practice care, especially during a pandemic, The Care Group have turned to technology to enhance their infection prevention and control measures.

“Our number one priority has always been to keep our residents and team safe. We have revised protocols and procedures to do just that during the pandemic. We have learned that PPE and safety protocols are only part of the solution in controlling the spread of the virus. This is why we decided to leverage Vantage’s technology, using their automated contact tracing and health screening solutions,” commented Gavin McIntosh, The Care Group’s VP Operations and Finance.

McIntosh continued, “The minute we know of a reported case, we can trace everywhere that person travelled in our building, and who they were in contact with. We can now prioritize testing and immediately identify those who need to self-isolate.” Vantage does this through its smart wearable that all residents and team members of The Oxford can wear while at the home and links them to a unique identifier. Small readers placed throughout the property trace the wearables and know where they have been, if they have been in the same space as another wearable, and for how long. If an infection is reported, administrators can use Vantage’s real-time dashboard to run a trace of the identified individual in adherence with privacy rules.

Vantage’s contact tracing adds another layer of protection to help minimize the spread of COVID in long term care, “The Vantage wearable RFID will allow us to track the movement of staff, residents, and equipment through The Oxford. This information is invaluable in the event of an outbreak as it will provide a view into who may have been exposed to a virus or bacteria and for how long. This should enhance our ability to manage the risk and exposure from an outbreak,” commented, Dr. Adriaan Windt, Medical Director, The Oxford Senior Care.

This is the second contact tracing pilot for Vantage, the first launched in November at Harbor House, a senior assisted living facility in Long Island, NY. With The Oxford, Vantage is pleased that its RTLS technology, originally designed for water parks, can be used to help keep Canada’s senior population safe. “The beauty of technology is that it can be easily repurposed for other uses,” said Philip Edgell, Vantage’s President. “When the pandemic started, we looked at how our technology might be able to help. It turns out the way we understand a water park visitors’ behaviour can also be used to contact trace visitors, staff, and residents in facilities such as senior homes and offices. We are extremely excited to be working with The Care Group in helping keep their residents and staff safe,” he concluded.


About Vantage

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the Vantage platform has been designed to understand user behaviors, and by doing so, improve their experiences. Using a combination of real-time tracking technology and smart wearable devices, Vantage links this information to a user, creating invaluable insights that can be leveraged in real-time.

Vantage’s contact tracing technology gives senior care residences and nursing homes the ability to see everyone an infected individual has come into contact with, within in seconds. When speed and accuracy are critical, our solution becomes an integral component of a facility’s COVID-19 control measures. To learn more about our contact tracing solutions, please visit Vantage at:

About The Care Group

The Oxford Senior Care is owned and operated by The Care Group; a Vancouver based company. The Care Group offers high-quality long-term care, assisted living, and independent living services to over 800 residents throughout the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island. To learn more about our company, please visit our website at:

Media Contacts

Dawn Kirby
Senior Marketing Operations Manager

Gavin McIntosh
VP Operations and Finance
The Care Group

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