Season Pass Software: Automating a Water Park’s Pass Process

Water Park Season Pass Entrance
Don’t put the cart before the horse.

I love it when a client presents me with an operational challenge to tackle or a fresh idea to explore. At Vantage, we relish the opportunity to design technological solutions that really hit the nail on the head.

Case in point: This month, Island H2O Water Park in Kissimmee, Florida will launch a new virtual attraction ticketing and season pass software designed to save precious time for both guests and employees. Automating the water park’s season pass system is a game changer for the park and an entirely new addition to the amusements industry.

More on that later … but first, I want to share my personal thoughts on how best to drive technological innovation, such as this, within your operation.

Are You Tempted by Technology?

I often find that operators are eager to jump into the hottest technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), without having an end goal in mind.

Trust me. As a technologist, I understand the temptation. When new technology is introduced, I’m the first to dive in and explore what it can do for me and for my clients.

But pursuing a technology before committing to an idea is not the best approach. It’s critical to define requirements before selecting a solution. In other words, the “why” should always come before the “how.”

For example, it wouldn’t be wise to build a vehicle with automatic emergency braking, low-profile tires and a power-folding roof before defining its purpose. Is it for racing? Off-roading? Transporting large families? You must know your goal.

The Technological Innovation With a Goal

Now back to Island H2O Water Park … where Lucas Appratto, the park’s marketing representative, had a specific goal in mind: Streamline the water park’s season pass distribution process. He wondered If season pass holders could take their own photos and skip on-site pass processing all together.

Lucas had the idea, and we, at Vantage, leveraged the appropriate technologies to create the solution. Now, guests can complete the entire season pass process virtually through a season pass software module. They purchase their pass online, complete their profile, and take their headshot using their own smart device. To enter the park, they simply present an app on their phone.

We utilized a number of technologies and software in developing the product, including AI that ensures the quality of passholder photos. And while the complexity of the technology ideally goes unnoticed, the convenience it provides to pass holders is crystal clear.

Water Park Season Pass Automation Interface

Image includes optional integration with COREtech Systems

Technology Should Create Significant Value for Stakeholders

Technology ought to be more than a feather in your cap, it should create value for your stakeholders. Consumers have come to expect technology solutions that streamline processes—I like to call it “reducing friction.”

We’ve become accustomed to frictionless technology: Using our ride-sharing app to request a pickup; depositing a check by snapping a quick photo; entering an event by presenting a digital ticket; and notifying grocery store workers that we’re ready to receive our online order.

Guests expect operators to ease their experience and value their time. In the case of virtual pass processing and season pass software, guests and employees will save a significant amount of time. In addition, the operator will benefit through increased guest satisfaction and the ability to reallocate staff to other high-need areas of the park.

How Can Technology Best Serve You and Your Guests?

Whether you’re certain of your goals or still pondering how technology can benefit your operation, contact us. Let’s set up a Zoom call (yet another example of a technological innovation) to discuss your operation, your needs, your challenges—and, ultimately, your ideal technological solutions.

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