How Digitized Is Your Water Park?

Vantage Evolve Graphic
While the flying car and self-cleaning house predictions of the past may not have come to fruition, it’s hard to deny that we live in a time of rapid technological progress. As the post-COVID world emerges, the consumer preference for digitized guest journeys will accelerate. There are generations of park goers who expect a level of personalization and convenience afforded to them by their mobiles and quick access to the internet. Consumers want to plan their days ahead of time, make purchases from their phones, and collect loyalty points, just as they would at their favourite retail store or fast-food chain.

Furthered by the desire for less touchpoints and ‘frictionless’ experiences, features like cashless, virtual queuing, and density management have become sought out offerings from parks. How advanced is your water park? Are you prepared to meet guests’ expectations? How will you know if you have? Take our quick quiz to find out how your park stacks up.

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