Is 4 good?

Is 4 good?

I don’t know.

Is it 4 points or 4 cookies?

Are you playing soccer or football? Are they chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies?

The point is, that a number by itself with no context is not that valuable nor can it be very instructive for what the next best action should be. So, is more data without context valuable? We don’t think so and this obvious epiphany has changed the trajectory of our business.

When we started Vantage, a guest engagement and personalization platform that generates active and passive behavioral data, we knew we were creating a new data type, and lots of it—for the water park industry. As we started to validate our assumptions about the value of this data, we received the consistent feedback that “the last thing we need is more data!”

This is when it became clear to us that we had to drive context.

Vantage’s Operator Portal lets you compare data from different sources, all in one place.

The context would come from data we created, data from systems we integrated with, and third-party widgets, like weather. This simple pivot shifted our value proposition and approach to our system. We were no longer a closed-loop product; we were building a big data ecosystem for water parks. Or in non-jargon language we were bringing together different kinds of data from different systems so that they could be viewed together, dynamically, to drive insights that were not obvious when looking at single data sets in isolation.

Now, an operator can look at dispatch rates of a ride by itself or they can overlay attendance, staffing, or maintenance data to gain meaningful insight into conditions affecting dispatch rates.

Food and beverage managers can now look at food and beverage sales and overlay demographics, park heat maps, and weather to identify trends to reduce wastage.

Operators can filter sales by, for example, demographics or weather and even overlay the two to see trends.

By providing context to data, we believe better decisions can be made faster and therefore enhance a guest’s experience, cut costs, and drive a better bottom line.

And 4 chocolate chip cookies is VERY good! 5 is even better…

Vantage integrates with your park’s third-party vendors, giving you a single view into your operations and your guests a seamless, ‘one wrist band’ experience.

Want to see Vantage in action?

Back by popular demand, we’ll be giving Vantage tours again this November at IAAPA. This time, however, we’ll be giving exclusive and personalized behind-the-scenes tours at our Vantage installation at Island H2O Live! Waterpark in Kissimmee, Florida.

If you’d like to learn how the water park is using Vantage to drive engagement, create frictionless guest experiences, and improve their operations with never-before-seen insights, drop us a line at to learn about availability. We’d love to see you there!

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